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We love Kuroko - finished art
Okay, here's the finished version of the picture posted previously.


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My contribution to the We Love Kuroko Project
Title: Kurokocchi
Country: Brazil


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Fanfic: A Dream Within a Dream
Um... still a bit insecure writing in this fandom. ^__^; Hope it's not too bad.

Title: A Dream Within a Dream
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Pairings: Aomine/Kuroko, Kagami/Kuroko

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Fanart - Barnalocks
tiger and bunny1
Happy Easter everyone! =D

After seeing a lot of Barnalocks (a long-haired, very feminine version of Barnaby) at Tumblr, decided to try drawing one myself. Also, tried using Sketchbook Copic instead of Photoshop to render the picture. Gosh, it was hard... T^T

The sketch was handmade, using Pitt markers. Time: about 15 hours.

Androgynie no. 1 - Preview:

Full view at my Deviantart page

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TB Celebration Fanart
tiger and bunny1
Made this because Easter is coming (hmmm, chocolate!) and Tiger is Bunny has celebrated its one year anniversary. Pity I couldn't finish it on time for the right day... Also, drawing a guy carrying a baby is so difficult, I couldn't get the arms position right, hnnngh...

Annnd, I've decided on a name for Kotetsu and Barnaby's kid: Lucien Tomoya Brooks Kaburagi. I thought Lucien sounds like the kind of name Barnaby would want, and Tomoya would be in honor of Tomoe. As for the last name, I believe since Kotetsu's family seems to be quite traditional (considering the way his mother and brother behave) they would want a boy to "carry on the family name", and I can see Barnaby accepting that in deference to his mother-in-law.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped with name suggestions! =^__^=

Hope you like it. Happy Easter to all!

T&B drabble fic - "Compensations"
tiger and bunny 2

This was written because of that little guy in the fanart I posted about a month ago .  Awfully mushy, I know, but I'm in mushy, corny, fluffy mood now, so...

Title: Compensations

Fandom: Tiger and Bunny

Pairing: Kotetsu/Barnaby

Warning: temporary genderbend, mushy, corny, fluffy.


There was something to be said for spending a whole year as a member of the opposite sex.

It was not a situation to be happy about unless you were Nathan Seymour, which was not the case. There was the odd feeling of having breasts, larger hips and more sensitive skin. Having nothing where once there was something and ugh, hormones affecting your mood, your body, and that scary bleeding every month. Sometimes, the sharp, almost unbearable pain to hear Tomoe slipping from Kotetsu's lips during their love making – this had never happened when Barnaby was a man.

And yet, there were compensations. Plenty of them.

Like the way chocolate and sweets would taste incredibly better, especially when he/she was feeling tired or depressed. Or how amusing it was to watch Kotetsu dumbfounded, tripping on his own feet even more than usual, before Barnaby's naked body.

But the greatest compensation of all is this small, warm and squirming bundle in his arms. For this little guy, Barnaby wishes he could stay a woman for a little more. The NEXT power that transformed him is already starting to wear off, though. He wonders who Kaede copied that power from.

Suddenly, Kotetsu's arms are around him, engulfing him and the baby tenderly.

“Hey beautiful”, the older man whispers. Their kiss is slow, passionate, a mix of sadness and excitement because by tomorrow, Barnaby will be a man again. Kotetsu knows the impending question, the one his young partner is painfully gathering the courage to ask, so he decides to cut the story short.

“I love you, Bunny-chan, no matter what you are.”

Tiger and Bunny coloring experiment
tiger and bunny 2
Tried some experiments in coloring with that beautiful Tiger and Bunny original sketch that has Kotetsu and Barnaby in a suggestive pose (nothing definitely "ho-yay" but considering it's original art, yes, it is suggestive).

WARNING: 4 pictures of considerable size under the cut.


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Crossover fanart - Hetalia x Tiger&Bunny
asakiku chu!
Long time no post ^^;

This is for trishpawachunyu She is writing a cool series of Hetalia x Tiger&Bunny crossover fanfictions. A bit too late because she has already written Arthur x Barnaby, uh, sorry.... .__.;

So here it is, hope you like it.

bloody what?
Quick post to show LJ that I'm still alive XD and to express my feelings about SOPA, PIPA and ACTA.

I am totally for protecting the artists' rights. I agree that it's not fair that millions enjoy an artist's hard work without paying a cent, BUT:

- If I understood correctly, the way those "protection acts" are written is going to make the access to information more and more difficult. Those acts, the way they are presently written, can give way to censorship based on economic or/and political interests.

This is not good at all.


Happy New Year!
tiger and bunny 2
There are still some hours left where I live but I decided to post before traffic grows and it internet access becomes literally impossible.


Let's hope 2012 to be a great year - well, according to Eastern Horoscope it will be the year of the Dragon and yes, that's my sign, yay!


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